Poker Clubs

Want to play cards in a relaxed way, for the pleasure of the game, without making your wallet bleed too much, nor being intimidated by the pressure of money? Then you should definitely check out the community poker clubs

These legal and registered structures bring together enthusiasts of the game, of all ages and from all sectors, for "freeroll" games, i.e. without the need to pay anything to sit at the table. Players pay an annual fee beforehand, which allows them to become a member, as is the case for all associations. However, free entry does not necessarily mean that you will be playing for free

The membership fees collected and possible partnerships make it possible to offer a number of prizes, and sometimes even entry tickets for real money games. Tournaments are organised on a weekly or monthly basis, usually with leaderboards and rankings to add spice. There are also inter-club competitions and national tournaments that allow clubs to compete against each other and fly their colours

Play, discover, learn

There are several advantages to association poker clubs. The first is that you can regularly meet at a real poker table, to enjoy a live experience, with a real table, real chips, an organization worthy of an official tournament, in a friendly atmosphere. And all this for a very small investment

On the other hand, poker clubs remain one of the ideal structures to progress. You can experience all the emotions of a real poker game and, with practice, learn to manage them better. Some clubs may also offer more theoretical sessions to explore the technicalities of the game, and learn to master aspects that may seem complex at first

Card fans will also be able to discover different formats and variations of the game. From Omaha to Deuce-to-seven to 7 Stud-Hi-Lo, the associations will give you the opportunity to try games other than Texas Hold'em to learn the rules and subtleties of these different formats.

A meeting place for enthusiasts

Finally, these structures are an opportunity to meet and exchange with people who share the passion of the game. A wide variety of profiles can be found in clubs around the world. People exchange tips, tell stories, and reminisce about their experiences with games. Each club has its own atmosphere, its own touch, but they generally cultivate a casual, good-natured approach, without forgetting to wage war on each other once the game has started

There are clubs all over the world. Thousands of clubs are ready to welcome you and Push Or Fold has compiled a list of addresses around the world, so that you can discover association poker wherever you are

Germany 20 poker clubs See
Belgium 6 poker clubs See
Brazil 157 poker clubs See
Canada 1 poker clubs See
Spain 1 poker clubs See
United States of America 44 poker clubs See
France 33 poker clubs See
Hungary 4 poker clubs See
Ireland 1 poker clubs See
Italy 5 poker clubs See
Lithuania 1 poker clubs See
Mexico 1 poker clubs See
Czech Republic 2 poker clubs See
United Kingdom 1 poker clubs See
Switzerland 4 poker clubs See
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