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Heads-up play (or heads-up, depending on the cardroom) is a game to be mastered by all tournament and sit'n'go players. Heads-up is the most difficult form of poker to master. Why is this? Because unlike full ring game, for example, you have to play a lot of hands (more than 50% of the hands received). And the more hands you play, the more marginal hands you will play and the more likely you are to make mistakes. And the more marginal hands you play, the harder they will be to play. In full ring games without ante, you can afford to wait for your good hands to play. But in heads-up games, with few blinds, you can't afford to wait for only good hands since the blinds will quickly eat up your entire stack. The good news is that when you have a small stack (20 big blinds or less) you can rely on this push or fold tool

The heads-up game

Here you will find a tool to show you the profitable push or fold in 2-max or heads-up play. Even if you are not a heads-up player, heads-up play is a must for anyone who wants to win a tournament or a sit'n'go. It is a crucial part of your tournament because of the often large gap between the paid spots. In spin tournaments, for example, 2nd place will usually not pay out while all the money will go to the first place finisher. In regular tournaments, there will also be a large money gap between first and second place.

Note in passing that tournament players are usually not good heads-up players and therefore will play too conservatively. Don't hesitate to put pressure on your opponent. With this chart of hands to push all in, you will make sure that nothing is missed. When each player has, for example, 7 big blinds in Expresso, you will want to push a big range to steal your opponent's blinds. Players will usually be uncomfortable making hero calls, even when they know you are pushing a wide range of hands.

A very simple tool

The tool is very intuitive and easy to use. You enter your first and second card, check the "Same suit? "box if your cards match, enter your position, antes if any and the number of effective blinds. By "effective blinds" we mean that if you have 20 blinds and your opponent has 5 blinds, the effective blinds are 5 since you are risking 5 blinds, not 20

Please note that this tool is for information purposes only. There are many reasons why you may not follow the recommendations of this tool to the letter. For example, if your table is very passive and tight, you may want to push all in with a wider range than recommended. Conversely, if you are surrounded by manic players, you may want to play a little more conservatively until the storm passes. Poker is always a game of observation and adaptation. Good luck at the tables