Hand2Note is a tracker equipped with a HUD, just like its competitors, but mainly aimed at the most experienced players. If you are new to the world of poker and are looking for a basic tracker + HUD, other options will probably be better suited to your needs. On the other hand, if you are an experienced player looking for a really powerful software to help you analyse your poker in detail and, above all, the trends of your opponents, Hand2Note will be the perfect option for you. In this article we will explain how to download and install Hand2Note. We will also introduce you to some of the features most appreciated by the players of the Hand2Note software

Download and install Hand2Note

To get started, first go to the home page of the Hand2Note website by clicking here

On the home page, press "Download" to download the software installation file. (Note that the Hand2Note software is available for Windows only)


Then save the file to your computer desktop and double-click the file to start the installation

Installing Hand2note

Once the installation file is launched, you will see the above window. Press Next.

A window will appear to tell you where to install the software. It is suggested to leave the default installation location as is. If for any reason you want to change the location of the installation, it is up to you. SUGGESTION: If your computer has more than one hard disk, it is strongly recommended to install Hand2Note on your electronic hard disk (SSD). You will get much better performance by choosing the latter rather than a conventional hard drive

End of installation

Once your location is shown, press Next

You will now see the confirmation before starting the installation:

Hand2note configuration

If you have not made any errors in the previous steps, start the installation by clicking Install

Installation in progress

Installation is in progress

Once the installation is successfully completed, you will get this dialog box

Installation successfully completed

Click Finish when installation is complete

The software will launch automatically and you will be ready to explore Hand2Note

At the first launch of Hand2Note, you will be prompted to import your played hands. Hand2Note is compatible with nearly 50 poker rooms, so you can import your hands from multiple rooms

Import your played hands

Press "Import Folder" and find the folder where your hands are saved. You will have to do this again for each game room you play in. Please note that the Hand2Note software is specially designed to work with the hands of the following game rooms: Pacific Network, Microgaming, PokerMatch, Ipoker, Chico, Adda51, WPN, Winamax, 888 Poker, Winning, Microgaming and PokerStars. Compatibility with other game rooms is absolutely not guaranteed. Sometimes you won't have all the options of the software on your game room. Here are two summary tables of the functionalities according to the game room

Importer dossier End of import

Once you have imported your hands, you will have the option to analyse them from several angles

Analyze your hands

You can also get a detailed report for your tournament hands with the following options:

Rapport détaillé

The similarities between Hand2Notes and its competitors

Hand2Note provides more information than another product such as PokerTracker 4 or Hold’em Manager 3 could give you. For example, Hand2Note includes a real-time HUD

Hub Hand2note

It will be possible to configure the statistics you wish to be displayed on the table from the list of 500 available statistics

You can also analyse your results with different graphs (the red line of aggressiveness, the green line of profit/loss, the orange line of EV). You will also have the option to see your hands again with the replayer. You will be able to take notes on your opponents and finally, you will also have options for precise hand searches (e.g. filtering the hand search by total pot size or by preflop action, etc)

The differences between Hand2Note and its competitors

Hand2Note has what could be called dynamic HUD, i.e. it adjusts itself according to the action in the game. Let's see the different options of this dynamic HUD. It should be noted that dynamic HUD is prohibited on PokerStars, but accepted on some other rooms (write to your game room to make sure such a tool is accepted)

Dynamic Hub

The Position of the player option allows you to get different information about the player depending on his position. This is very useful to get the nuances of a player's style. For example, a player may have a VPIP (Voluntary Put Money Into Pot) total of 30 and a PFR (Preflop Raise) total of 25, making him an aggressive player, but raise only 9% of the time when he is UTG (Under The Gun). Having his precise game statistics when he is UTG will prevent us from making wrong deductions (such as assuming that this player is aggressive from all positions)

The Relative position to Hero option allows us to get the statistics of a villain according to the position he is in in relation to Hero. There are many strategies on this side so it is important to know how a villain plays according to his relative position. For example, a player may have a very specific style on the big blind (for example, a conservative style), but when he plays against Hero who is on the small blind, he will have a much more aggressive style. Our HUD will give us this information

The Effective stacksize of the player option is most useful in tournaments. A player will not play the same way or the same range of hands when he has 200 big blinds as when he has 9 big blinds. This option is very valuable in tournaments. Usually, players will display the general statistics of their opponents in a tournament, but the statistics will show the average of the statistics of all possible mats. When an opponent has 9 big blinds, we don't want to know how he plays in general, we want to know how he plays when he has 9 big blinds

The Initial players count in hand option will give us the player's stats according to the number of players in the hand. A player will not play the same way in a head-to-head pot as in a pot in which 5 players are involved

Hand2Note also offers the option to exclude from the statistics of regular players, the hands they have played against fishs. A regular player will have a completely different style from his "normal" style if he plays against a player named "fish" (a very bad player). For example, his bluffing frequency will probably be much lower than normal. For this reason, excluding hands played against fishs by regulars will give greater accuracy to the statistics we will have on the regular player. We will have a better portrait of his usual style

Hand2Note also gives you the possibility to insert hands in your notes (a visual). See an example below:

Hands in your notes

Owners of gigantic databases will be happy to know that Hand2Note is a high performance software that will treat your hands in a very fast way. It is not uncommon in some situations for software to take hours to import a large database. Hand2Note uses the latest compression technology to achieve high import speed, even when the volume of hands is high

Among other differences between Hand2Note and its competitors is that Hand2Note includes an unparalleled explorer to study its opponents


If you look up, you will see the range of hands your opponent opens according to his position and you will also get an account of his post-flop habits. Is he a check-call, check-call and check-fold kind of guy? How often does he check-call a flop? And check-fold? What are his calldown patterns (how often he calls all the bets until slaughter)

PokerTracker 4 and Hold’em Manager 3 offer similar options, but none of these software packages are as detailed and comprehensive as Hand2Note

Other options that distinguish Hand2Note from the competition include the possibility to create very accurate personal statistics

A software like PokerTracker 4 offers the possibility to create your own notes, but the editor is a little less intuitive than the one in Hand2Note. Moreover, the possibilities are greater with the latter. Hand2Note will also offer the possibility to create dynamic HUDs (see above for details on dynamic HUDs)

Hand2Note also offers an excellent Leaks Finder (a tool for identifying weaknesses). The leaks finder can be used to find one's own weaknesses as well as to find the weaknesses of one's opponents

Leak Finder

If you subscribe to Hand2Note's EDGE subscription, you will be able to use the Range Research function

Edge Subscription

The Range Research option is one of the main reasons for many pros to use Hand2Note instead of other software. The Range Research option allows you to obtain information on a specific situation when your bank of hands is too small

This will give you information on several situations. For example, you put a hand on the turn and a player you call "aggressive fish" checks you out. So you ask yourself: "With which hand could an aggressive fish check me out"? Even if you have a lot of hands in your database, it is unlikely that you have a sufficient sample to draw a good conclusion. When you use the Range Research option, you set up the situation for which you want a range and then Hand2Note will scan its database to find a similar situation. Hand2Note will then present you with a pop-up with the requested range

What are the options to purchase Hand2Note?

Hand2Note works with a monthly subscription. The basic version of Hand2Note is free of charge. All you have to do is create your account and you will get the software for free with no limit on your playing limits. Several extra options are available. These extras are called "Add-ons"

This is what the free version includes:

Version gratuite

The limitations of the free version are as follows

The dynamic HUD is not included with the free version. You will also have a basic version of pop-ups. The Range Research and Decision Analysis functions will not be available. You will not be able to use Hand2Note on Asian rooms either

Here are the 3 available add-ons:

Add-ons Hand2note

Then you have the Add-on Edge option which includes this:

Add-on Edge Option

You finally have the combined Pro ASIA + Edge option at $59 per month. Some relevant information: the ASIA add-on does not support dynamic HUD. When you take the EDGE version, you will not have support for Asian poker rooms. Finally, Hand2Note is only available by monthly subscription; no lifetime subscription or one-time price is available

In summary

Hand2Note is certainly not for all players. But that's the beauty of being a poker player as you have a whole bunch of options to suit your needs. Hand2Note is not recommended for beginners. Other options such as PokerTracker 4, Hold’em Manager 3, Xeester or Poker Copilot will be better suited to your needs. In addition, Hand2Note is more expensive in the long term than another single payment option

On the other hand, if you are a pro player and are looking for a tool to take your poker to the next level, Hand2Note is a tool that doesn't give you a place. The software will be useful both in real time when you play your hands and after your sessions to analyse your hands and the play of your opponents. Hand2Note offers options that they are the only ones on the market to offer, which is not negligible

Before purchasing a subscription to Hand2Note, make sure that your game room is named among the compatible game rooms. You can obtain this information by consulting the Hand2note help page

Hand2Note is too vast a piece of software to be completely covered in a single article. We have tried here to give a general overview of the software. If you have any specific questions about the software or simply want to learn more about Hand2Note, we invite you to consult the official software manual

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