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The language of poker can quickly become difficult for a novice to follow. For a layman, a sentence like: "We were 3-ways on the river in 6-max and I decided to go for a third barrel as a bluff". Excuse me? That's why we've created this poker lexicon that includes just about every poker word you might ever need. You can take a look at this lexicon to find the definition of a specific word or simply to enrich your poker vocabulary

The poker terms have been arranged in alphabetical order for easy navigation. The definitions are the most comprehensive you will find on the net. In addition, the majority of the definitions include a concrete example to help you assimilate the concept

The definitions in this lexicon contain words related to Texas Hold'em, Omaha, cash games, both 6-max and full ring (9 or 10 players), sit'n'gos and tournaments, in short, words related to all popular poker variants. Because yes, each variant has its own unique words. A word like "blinds", for example, is used in all types of poker, but phrases like Hi-Lo, In The Money or Idependant Chip Model, for example, are not

Every field has its own specialized vocabulary, and poker is no exception. Perfecting your poker vocabulary will not only help you communicate effectively with your friends when discussing poker with them, but will also help you improve your understanding of the game. Moreover, if one day you listen to strategy videos to improve your game, you'll find that it's this vocabulary that's being used

The other strength of this poker lexicon is that some definitions will not only be supported by concrete examples, but also by pictures when deemed appropriate. Sometimes, there is nothing better than an image to clarify a concept that is a little fuzzy

Another interesting option in this lexicon of poker-related words is that in each definition you will be able to click on certain words to see their definition. Let's take this example:

Poker lexicon

In the second part of the definition, some words are in blue like "button", "blind" and "flop". When the words are in blue, it is possible to click on the word to get the page of its definition. This will allow you to navigate from one definition to another quickly

You will also be able to use the small orange arrows at the bottom of each letter to automatically return to the top of the page. If some words are in English only, it is because you will hear these named concepts in English almost everywhere. While some terms are sometimes used in both English and French (for example, "board" and "tableau"), some words or phrases are used strictly in English. For example, "in the dark" is an expression that you will hear in English only. The choice of language in this lexicon (sometimes English, sometimes French, sometimes both) is therefore a concern to be as adapted as possible to real poker situations

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2 barrel3 barrel3b / 3bet3way4bet4way6-max


A chip and a chairA-gameABCAdd-onAggression factorAggroAgressiveAIAirAll-inAngle shootingAnteAny two cardsArjelAuto-rebuyAverage


BabieBackdoorBad beatBad runBalanceBallaBankrollBankroll managementBetBet / 3betBet / callBet / foldBet sizingBetsBetting patternBig blindBig blindBlindBlockerBlocking betBluffBluff catcherBoardBoatBombBonusBorderlineBotBottom pairBountyBoxBragBreak a tableBreak evenBrickBring-inBroadwayBrokeBubbleBullyBumhunterBurnBust outButtonBuy-inBvb


Calling stationCapCash outCash-gameCbetChair FeesChaseCheckCheck / callCheck / foldCheck / raiseCheck backCheck behindChipChip countChip dumpingChip raceChip trickChipleaderClick backCloseClubsCoin flipColdCold deckCollusionComboCombodrawCommittedConnectorsContinuation betCoolerCourchevelCraiCrazy PineappleCrippledCrushCrushedCrying callCut-off


DealerDealer's ChoiceDeepstackDelayed cbetDiamondDominatedDonkbetDoor cardDouble chanceDouble or NothingDouble ShootoutDouble upDouble-suitedDownswingDrawDrawing deadDrawyDryDS




Face upFamily PotFancy play syndromFear equityFeeFeeler betFishFit or foldFixed LimitFlashedFlat callFlipFloatFloorFloor managerFlopFlopperFlushFoldFold equityFor infoFour of a kindFR (Full-ring)FreerollFreezeoutFullFull bring-inFull houseFull Ring


GambleGaperGGGLGood runGrindGutshot


Hand historyHand improvement oddsHand rangeHandgrabberHeads upHeartHeaterHeroHero callHero foldHHHi-JackHi-LoHighHigh stakesHigh-LowHigh-rollerHit and runHole cardHoodHU (Heads-up)HUD


ICMImplied oddsIn PositionIn the darkIn the moneyIndependant Chip ModelInsta-Inversed Implied OddsIso-raise


Jinx card




LAGLast longerLay downLeadLeakLevelLightLigneLimpLinetardLivetardLobbyLockoutLongshotlooseLuckbox


Made HandMain eventMaxMergerMetagameMicro stakesMiddle positionMiddle stakesMilkMisclickMonsterMourantMoveMPMTTMuckMultitable tournamentMultiway


Narrow the fieldNew York back raiseNhNitNLHENo brainerNo flop no dropNo LimitNosebleedNut flush drawNut straight drawNutedNutsNYBR


ObvOddsOffsuitOopOpen limpOpen raiseOpend-EndedOptionOrbitOTBOutOut of PositionOutdrawOutplayOutsideOverbetOvercallOvercardOverlayOverpair


PackagePaired BoardPassivePatPbPeel a flopPfPFRPLOPocket pairPoker facePolarisedPositionPostflopPotPot betPot controlPot equityPot LimitPot oddsPot size betPot size raisePreflopPrize poolProbe betPushPush or fold




RailbirdRainbowRaiseRaiserRakeRakebackRangeRazzRe-entryre-raiseRebuyRegReraiseRestealResult orientedReverse floatReverse hand historyRiggedRisk / rewardRiverROIRoRRoundRoyal flushRoyal Straight FlushRun it twiceRundownRunner-runnerRunner-upRush


SandbagSatelliteScared moneyScary boardScary cardScooper a potSemi-bluffSetSet miningSet-upSHShip itShootoutShort-handedShortstackShortstackerShotShoveShowdownShowdown valueShuffle up and dealSide betSide potSit & GoSizingSkinSlowplaySlowrollSmall ballSmooth callSnapSoftplayingSpadeSpewSpewtardSpewySplitSqueeze playSsSssStabStackStack offStackedStakingStand patStandard deviationStealSteamingStop and goStop lossStraddleStraightStraight FlushStraightforwardStreetString betstrip pokerStructureSuckoutSuitedSwapSwing


TAGTake A Shot at a limitTankTapisTellTextureThin value betThree-of-a-kindTightTiltTime bankTiming tellTPTKTrackerTrapTrash TrashtalkingTrickyTurnTwice


Under the gunUnderdogUnluckyUpswingUpwardUTGUTG+1UTG+2


Value betValue cutVarianceVGGVillainVPIP


WalkWay ahead / way behindWeakWhineWinner-takes-allwpWraparoundWSOP



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