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Definition of a 6-max game

When we talk about 6-max, we are talking about the format of the poker tables. In this example, there will be a maximum of 6 players per table. If you play in casinos, the games will be called "full ring" meaning that there will usually be 9 or 10 players per table. Full ring tables are very common in the poker world. When we want to specify that the number of seats will be reduced to 6, we will say that it is a 6-max poker game. These games are generally faster and more aggressive than conventional full ring games.

Additional details on 6-max games

In a 6-max or "shorthanded" game to use the term used to define these games, the blinds will come back to you more quickly. For this reason, you will have to play a higher percentage of hands. The profile of the 6-max poker player will be a little different than the profile of the full ring game player. He will generally be more aggressive and bluffing. He will play more hands, more aggressively and will probably be more likely to bluff you. 6-max games are known to be more dynamic and exciting than full ring games.