Definition of A-game

The A-game is when a person gives his best. When a player plays his A-game, he will surely have slept well, eaten well, be zen, rested, focused and in full possession of his abilities. Each person also has a B-game and a C-game. If you are tired, inattentive, tense and preoccupied with something other than your poker game, you are said to be playing your B-game or C-game (the worst version of yourself). Many pro poker players will work on the mental aspect of poker to be able to play their A-game as often as possible.

A-game clarification

The term A-game is mostly used among poker mental coaches like Tommy Angelo or Jared Tendler. These coaches will guide you to always be on top of your game when playing poker. Many poker players have the knowledge to be winning players, but because they don't play their A-game often enough, their winning sessions will always be negated by their losing sessions, when they play their B-game or C-game. Poker is a game that can lead to some frustration and not managing your emotions well can have a devastating impact on your profits in the long run.


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