Definition of the term ABC

What we mean by ABC is a style of play of a given player. A player whose style is described as ABC is a player who will have a basic style of poker, i.e. a player who will play according to the strength of his hand. When the ABC player has a good hand, he will bet, when he raises or over-raises, he will have a very strong hand. When he is all in preflop, he will have a premium (AA, KK, AK, QQ). This type of ABC bluff player can bluff little or never. It is a style that is not recommended except perhaps in micro-limit games, since this style is predictable.

Example of phrases with the expression ABC

- I had a good preflop hand, but the player who raised me all in is very ABC, so I think he had aces or kings.

- He's a perfect candidate for a bluff because the player is very ABC. Our bluff will have a good success here against this type of player.

- On the river, I had the second nuts and my opponent has check-raise all in. Normally I would get call, but the player is very ABC and doesn't really bluff. I think it's better to fold in this situation.


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