Definition of a player aggressive

A "aggressive" player is a player who bet and relance much more often than he call,check or fold. Aggressive players want to have control of the hand and want to avoid knock-outs. They will often win undisputed pots by the simple act of making a bet or relance. The best poker players are aggressive players. However, not all aggressive players are good aggressive players. There is a time and place for aggression. This is the art of poker. A good player will recognize situations where he needs to be aggressive.

How to recognize a aggressive player?

A aggressive-player is one who does aggressive actions more often than passive actions. A good indicator of his aggressiveness is his "aggression factor" statistic in any tracker. To obtain the statistic, we will do the following operation (bet + raise) / call = aggression factor. 2 is the average. From 3 on, you are a aggressive player. At 7 or 8 you are a maniac! At 1 and less you are passive. The higher the number, the more bluffing you are. We must be $ without exaggerating too much or we will have no credibility.


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