Definition of an aggressive player

An "aggressive" player is one who bets and raises much more often than he calls, checks or folds. Aggressive players want to be in control of the hand and want to avoid a flop. They will often win uncontested pots by the simple act of betting or raising. The best poker players are aggressive players. However, not all aggressive players are good players. There is a time and place for aggression. That's the art of poker. A good player will recognize when to be aggressive.

How to recognize an aggressive player?

An aggressive player is the one who does aggressive actions more often than passive ones. A good indicator of his aggressiveness is his "aggression factor" statistic in any tracker. To get the statistic, we will do the following operation (bet + raise) / call = aggression factor. 2 is the average. 3 or more is an aggressive player. 7 or 8 is a maniac! ?? 1 and less you are passive. The higher this number is, the more you are bluffing. It is necessary to be aggressive without exaggerating too much, otherwise we will not have any credibility.

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