Definition AI

No, it is not "Artificial Intelligence" but rather the abbreviation for "all in" in English, which is often translated into French as "tapis". The term "all in" means that all the chips are at risk in a move. When playing in a casino, it is important to say this loud and clear. We bet our last 150 chips and say "I'm all in! The phrase AI is often used when writing down the history of a hand.

Example of the use of the expression AI

We are in a tournament and the players have a small stack. One player raises preflop, another calls. On the flop, the player to talk first checks. The player in position bets and the player who checked decides to check-raise all in. This hand can be written as follows for the flop.

SB check

BTN bet

SB c-r AI

The c-r indicates that the player in the small blind has made a check-raise. AI is shown to signify that the options are now restricted and players will not play the turn or river. The option for the player on the button (BTN) is to call and go to the showdown or fold without seeing his opponent's cards and conceding the pot.


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