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Définition Any Two Cards

When you are dealt two cards in no-limit hold'em, you have a random hand that can be any combination of the 1326 possibilities. In the absence of information, a player can have any of these combos. When talking about his range, we will say that a player can have "any two cards". If you are playing heads-up with a player and he raises 100% of his buttons, we say that he plays "any two cards" from the button.

Evaluation of the ranges

As a poker player, you need to be alert to get the information to know your opponent's cards as accurately as possible. By default, all players have "any two cards", but depending on their action, we will have a little more information about their cards. For example, if a player raises in the UTG position at a 10-player table, we know that he does not have "any two cards", which could be translated as "a 100% range", but rather that he has a small range, say between 10% and 25% depending on his style. When we say that a player has "any two cards" it means that we have no information to restrict his range.

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