Any two cards

Definition Any Two Cards

When you are dealt two cards to the Hold'em without limit, you have a random hand that can be any combination of the 1326 possibilities. In the absence of information, a player can have any one of these combos. When we talk about his rank, we will say that a player can have " Any Two Cards" or literally in English, "Any Two Cards". If you are playing head-to-head with a player and he raises 100% of his buttons, we will say that he plays " Any Two Cards" from the button.

Rating the ranges

As a poker player, you need to be alert to get the information that will allow you to know your opponent's cards as accurately as possible. By default, all players have " Any Two Cards", but depending on their action, we will have a little more information about their cards. For example, if a player raises in the UTG position on a 10 player table, we know that he doesn't have " Any Two Cards", which could be translated as "a 100% range", but rather has a restricted range, say between 10% and 25% depending on his style. When we say that a player has " Any Two Cards" it means that we don't have any information to restrict his range.


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