Definition of auto-rebuy

The function auto-rebuy on the online poker tables is present in games of cash game and tournaments. In tournaments, it is a box you have to check that says "auto-rebuy". This will tell the software that if you are eliminated from the tournament during a hand, you automatically want to buy back an entry. If it is still possible to do so (some tournaments have a maximum of rebuy possible), the software will automatically take the money from your balance and give you back the starting chips. In cash game, option auto-rebuy will add back the blinds you lost in each hand (up to the maximum prescribed by the table).

Benefits of Option auto-rebuy

The advantage of this auto-rebuy option is especially for cash game parties. If you're the type to multi-table on blinds or even 12 tables simultaneously, filling your mat to 100 big blinds every time you lose a pot can waste a lot of time. It's best to let the software handle the situation. The auto-rebuy can be configured to buy up to a pre-determined number of large blinds, often 100. Good poker players will always want to have a full stack in games of cash game to maximize the size of the pots they will win.


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