Definition of average

In poker, when we talk about "average" we are talking about the average stack in the tournament. Although average can be used in cash games, its use is quite marginal. The average or the average of the players' stacks will be shown at all times on the tables of online poker rooms.

Benefits of knowing the average

The average is a relevant information to know when playing tournaments. This information will tell us what style to adopt at any given time. The average is calculated simply by adding up all the remaining chips in play and dividing them by the number of players left in the tournament. This information should be related to the size of the blinds. For example, we are in a tournament and the bubble is approaching. You have 8 big blinds left (8000) and the blinds are at 500/1000. You receive a marginal hand to go all in preflop, but still profitable. You are not sure of your decision. Taking a look at the average may give you some relevant information. If the average is 20,000 chips, so 20 big blinds, you should play more aggressively than if the average is 8,000 chips.