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Definition of balla

A "balla" gesture or action is done by someone who could be described as a "baller," that is, an exuberant person who ostensibly wants to show that he or she has money. The "baller" does "balla" things like going into a club or nightclub and throwing money around to give it to people. The expression also marks the excessive or capricious spending. Paying 150 euros extra in delivery costs for an 80 euros item because you don't want to wait 1 more day for the regular delivery is balla. As we can see in this example, there is a disregard for money and a caprice.

Other details on the term balla

The epitome of the term balla is probably Dan Bilzerian, a millionaire who claims to have made his fortune in poker. Bilzerian is known on social media for his love of guns and pretty girls. Playing poker for hundreds of thousands of dollars sounds "baller." The "baller" obviously has the need to wow people while showing off that he has a lot of money. Today, the definition of the term has expanded to mean "luxurious". If a friend shows you his new 10,000 euro Rolex, you can tell him that his watch looks very "baller".