Definition of bankroll management

To be a winning poker player, you need to have the necessary technical knowledge, you need to be creative, you need to have a good management of your emotions, but you also need to have a good "bankroll management", that is to say, to manage your poker money well. There are simple rules for managing your bankroll. For cash game players, a minimum of 20 bankrolls is required. If you lose a lot, play at a lower limit. For tournament players who have a bankroll of 1000 Euros for example, we would encourage them to play tournaments with a maximum of 10 Euros (this also depends on their level of play).

Bankroll management and tilt

One of the main reasons why players do not respect the bankroll management is probably tilt. A player sets the right rules for a healthy bankroll management and suddenly, after a big downswing, he loses control of his emotions, goes into "on tilt" mode and decides to raise the limit to "recover his losses", which is never a good idea. Arbitrarily moving up a limit without knowing whether you have the knowledge to beat the limit and being emotionally upset by the previous losses makes a bad cocktail.

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