Big blind

Definition of big blind

In a classic game of pokers, the two forced bets that two players must place in each hand, without even having received their cards, are called small blind and big blind respectively. The big blind (big blind) is usually twice as big as the small blind. In some cash games, there are small blinds to 2 euros and big blind to 5 euros (2/5). However, this is not the norm. When you open your online poker room and see the list of available tables, the size of the blinds is usually indicated as follows: 5/10. Here you will know that the small blind is 5 and the big blind is 10.

Big blind and all-in

Knowing the size of the big blind in a poker game is essential. Most tables of cash games will allow you to buy a minimum of 20 big blinds and a maximum of 100 big blinds. In other words, if the big blind is 10 euros, you will be able to enter the table with a maximum stack of 1000 euros and you will have to buy minus a minimum of 200 euros. The size of the big blind is the basic unit for determining everything else (carpets, bets, raises, etc).


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