Definition of boat

Boat is the English word for boat. In poker, there are several words for a full hand. Boat is one of them. A full hand is when we have a pair plus a three of a kind. If you have AA in your hand on A-2-2, we have a "boat". Full hand, full house, boat, are all synonyms for the same hand. At the casino poker tables, you will hear all of the phrases with equal frequency. Players who want to show other players that they were not born yesterday will use "boat" more often than full house. The phrase gives the impression that you are more knowledgeable, that you know the game better.

Poker is the marine analogies

Boat is not the only term that refers to the marine vocabulary. We speak of the turn, the river, a float (when we call a bet with the intention of bluffing on an upcoming street), a boat, etc. There are also analogies to the Wild West (a barrel is referred to as a shot when betting, preflop kings are called cowboys). On the other hand, on a poker table, it is always better not to show too much knowledge to the other players so as not to arouse their suspicion about our skills!


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