Definition of bonus

The term bonus is quite explicit, but in the world of poker, it has its particularity. Several rooms of poker offer deposit bonus to attract players to their platform. The bonus often apply to new players only and on the first deposit. An offer of bonus may look like this: 100%/600$. In this case, you will get a bonus equivalent to your deposit up to 600$ (or Euros, depending on your region).

Particularity of the bonus deposit

To use our example above, you deposit 600$ on a site of poker with a code of bonus (these bonus usually require a code). Once the deposit is completed, you will have your $600 in your account, but you may not see anything else appear. The reason being that this 600$ of bonus will be added to your account according to a ratio. The ratio will vary from room to room. To take an example, you could be credited 1$ for every 4$ of commission paid. After you have raised 10$ (so after paying 40$ in commission), you will have a 10$ credit to your account. We will then say that the bonus will be unlocked in 10$ increments. You will be paid in 10$ increments until the 600$ is used up. You will often have a delay to collect the bonus otherwise it will become invalid. This bonus is also what we could call the "rakeback".


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