Definition of box

box as in the expression "Send your box". This is an expression mostly used in France and mostly used live. Sending your box means putting all your chips into play. The expression is synonymous with "I am all in". It's a casual way of saying that all our chips are in play. It's not an official expression that will be found throughout all poker communities, but in poker live games in French casinos (and maybe in other European countries where French is spoken.

A few examples

You can use the example by playing on after playing, to tell a friend about a hand for example.

- "The player was bluffing all the rivers. At one point, I got tired of it and when I saw him betting on the river, I decided to send him my box. He folded and I showed him my bluff".

- "On the river, I suspected my opponent was very strong. I saw him bet big and the word had come back to me. I didn't know what sizing to do, but since he looked very strong and I had the nuts, I decided to give him my box.


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