Break (a table)

Definition of break a table

break a table means undoing it to assign the players who were playing it to another table. Tables are "broken" in tournaments mainly to balance the number of players at the tables. For example, initially, if there were 100 players in the tournament, there will probably be 10 tables with 10 players. But as players get eliminated, the tables become unbalanced. To prevent some tables from playing with four players while others play with ten players, we will break the tables to reassign players to new tables. The reassignment of players will be done by random draw.

Consequences of a broken table

For the player, when his table is broken, it can have advantages or disadvantages. If he was surrounded by professional players, he will be happy to leave the table, but if he was against beginner players, he will probably be nostalgic for his starting table. The other disadvantage for the player is that any mental notes he has about his opponents will no longer be valid because he will be playing against new players. On the other hand, if he is competent, he will be able to take advantage of the fact that no one has any information about him at his new table to, for example, bluff or try new games.


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