Definition of bully

On the table of poker as in life, bully is a bully. A person who wants to intimidate by any means to gain status, money, force and threats, is a bully. On the poker table, the bully will be all the more successful if the players around him/her are passive. A bully can act as much in money games as in tournaments or sit’n’goss (in all forms of pokers), but a classic place where he can excel is in tournaments, as the bubble approaches. Imagine a big tournament with huge paid seats (WSOP maybe). There are 110 players left in the tournament and 100 places will be paid. The rest will go home empty-handed. So the bullyth will get to work.

What makes a bully?

A bully is a player who plays too many hands, raises systematically, 3bet, steals blinds, bluffs, almost always bets. In order for bully to be successful, opponents must be passive and let themselves be played. In the example above, the players are playing for a large amount of money. Some will not want to go home empty-handed, so they will be intimidated by the bully. bully exploits the fear of their opponents. It is also called the boss or the boss of the table.


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