Definition of bumhunter

Aaron Jones is credited with the invention of the term "bumhunter". Let's deconstruct the word. bum + hunter. A "bum" in English is a small thug with no wingspan. He can even be seen as a loser. The term "hunter" refers to hunting. An "hunter" is a hunter. So a bumhunter is a hunter of thugs. But what does that mean exactly? Ten's are often one-on-one winning poker players, but they are not among the most winning players. They are marginal winners. These players will qualify as a "bumhunter" if they avoid playing at their head-to-head table the other regular bonuses because they prefer to play the weaker players.

Modus operandi of the bumhunter

Player bumhunter who specializes in head-to-head games will scan the tables already open with only 1 player at the table. If he evaluates that the player is less qualified than him, he will play him. He may also sit at a head-to-head table while waiting for an opponent. If the opponent who joins him is qualified, he will leave immediately. If the opponent is a beginner or "bum", he will play it without any problem. The reason for "bum" is that it often happens that drunk players or players with a loss on another table come to play at head-to-head tables with a very "bum" style. These bums always end up getting stripped of every single chip they have. They are easy prey for good poker players.


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