Definition of bvb

bvb is the written form of blind versus blind. If we want to write down a hand that we played and it was small versus big blind, we will say that the hand was played "bvb". At a poker table, the most common hands are the blinds. You will most often play with the players immediately to your left or right. This is especially true in tournament play when the size of the blinds is huge. When all the players before the button fold, the button often takes advantage of this to raise. The players in the blinds's then go into defensive mode. If the button goes down, we will see a bvb hand.

The particularity of a bvb hand

In a hand played bvb, the hand fans will be smaller (larger fan, therefore, lower rank). If a player raises UTG and the big blind calls, we know that the UTG player does not have J5 or Q5. In situation bvb, it is possible that he does. Solvers in recent years have taught us that when the action was down to the small blind, we had to be much more aggressive than what players were at the time. Today's players play many more hands of the small blind and the big blind, sometimes resulting in epic battles. Hands in situation bvb are harder to read than if it was UTG vs BB for example.


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