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Definition of calling station

A calling station (or simply "station") is, as the name suggests, a player who likes to call. Calling stations are mostly bad players, a little too curious. They are often recreational players who overestimate the frequency of bluffing in poker. For them, poker is all about bluffing and therefore you have to call all the bets. He is a bon vivant who is there to have fun at the poker table. Calling stations are an incredible source of revenue for pro players.

How to play against a calling station

There are several types of calling stations. Some players will be more curious than others. But as a general rule, it is not recommended to bluff a calling station. The calling station is not there to fold hands, it is there to play and it is like Thomas, it does not believe, it has to see. Don't bluff an overly curious player who will never give you credit. Some players will even rationalize their bluff against calling stations by saying that they had a conservative image. Even if you folded the last 122 hands, chances are you still won't be able to use your image to bluff a calling station. Here's a tip; wait for a good hand and bet big and often!

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