Definition of cash game

There are several forms of poker. Today there are more than yesterday and less than tomorrow (forms of poker are constantly evolving). Of all these variations, one of the most popular is form cash game. The game of cash game is a special kind of game that you play with your money. The "tokens" you find in tournaments are no longer chips, but dollars or euros. Generally, in cash game, you will bring to the table 100 times the big blind . On a 1/2 euro table, you will bring a total stack of 200 euros.

Other particularities of the game cash game

If we compare the game of cash game to tournaments, there are certain advantages and disadvantages. For an experienced player, playing with at least 100 Big blinds's will increase his advantage over other players. Also, the game of cash game starts and stops whenever you want. You can make a 10 minute or 10 hour session. As for the drawbacks, managing the bankroll is a little more difficult since, unlike a tournament that has a fixed price, you don't know how much you can lose in a single night. And in cash game, you won't be able to win big amounts like in a tournament.


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