Definition of check/raise

The check/raise, also written c/r, is a powerful weapon of the player out of position. The check/raise is a check at the flop or turn or on the river with the specific intent of raise (raise) against any bet. You have to think 1 move ahead for check/raise, it is a well calculated plan.

There are a plethora of reasons for check/raise

The reasons for check/raise are extremely numerous. Let's look at two of them.

-In scenario number 1, you have 7-8 tiles out of 3-4-2 with two tiles. You are out of position against a player who is too aggressive and bluffs too much. It's the perfect time to pull a check/raise out of your hat. Since he's still betting, the odds of them folding against your raise are great and you'll win an uncontested pot with a single draw, which is good, but if he calls and you hit your draw, you'll have built a bigger pot.

Scenario number two is check/raise to protect your hand. You have 99 on Q-J-9 with two hearts. This is an ideal flop for check/raise since your opponent will often bet it and you will play the pot faster. By making a check/raise, you are doing what you have to do, which is to quickly put money into the pot on a dynamic board.



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