Chip dumping

Definition of chip dumping

Let's start by saying that chip dumping is illegal everywhere, in all online gaming rooms and casinos. Players who play chip dumping are banned from casinos and have their money seized from online casinos. Players who play chip dumping voluntarily give their money or chips to another player as if it was not planned. If a player premeditates that they are going to lose their stack to their friend, it is chip dumping.

Reasons why chip dumping is illegal

The chip dumpingth is mainly held in the rooms of poker in line. And all the rooms explicitly write that it is illegal behavior. Why is it illegal? Some poker-person rooms will give bonuses to new players. The bonus will be frozen and cannot be withdrawn until the player has paid X amount of money in commission. This amount is given to attract new players and encourage them to play. So let's say that Player A has 100 euros (bonus received) frozen in his account. He takes a table face-to-face with his friend, Player B, who has an account in good standing with 100 unfrozen euros of his own money. Player A raises 5 to 99 euros, player B pushes 7, player A folds and player B pockets 99 euros. It's chip dumping. Player B will then be able to withdraw Player A's money since it is now in Player B's hands and will no longer be frozen. Player B will then be able to share this money with player A after he has 3.


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