Chip trick

Definition of chip trick

A chip trick could be translated as something you do with tokens. The goal is to make an impressive manipulation with your tokens. When you play long hours in a casino, you will find that many players will have a mania for playing with their chips (artistically or otherwise). Most of them will make simple moves with their chips, but some have perfected this art to make really impressive moves with their chips. One of the chip trick classics is to take a single token in one hand and flip it over each of your fingers in a fluid manner as if it were sliding on your fingers.

Antonio Esfandiari and the chip trick

Before becoming the millionaire poker player he is today, Antonio Esfandiari was a magician. In addition to having great dexterity in card manipulation like many magicians, he is also a master in the art of the chip trick. A good chip trick takes a lot of time to practice and perfect, but when the delivery is perfect, it can be very impressive. If you ever meet him at a poker table at a casino in Las Vegas, ask him to show you some of his chip trick's.


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