Definition of chip

A chip is synonymous with a token. A chip is the unit that constitutes a carpet. We will talk about chip especially when we will be in a tournament or a sit’n’go. When a player is playing in a game of cash game, what he will bring to the table will be his money, so when he bets, he will not be betting chips, but dollars or euros. However, in tournaments, the player must pay the buy-in fee and will be given a stack of chips from the casino where he will be playing and it is with these chips that he will play.

The expression has a chip and a chair

We rarely hear the expression chip quite simply, but we talk about "his chips" in other words, his tokens that come in a group! The word chip is reminiscent of the expression "a chip and a chair" which is a classic in the poker world. "A chip and a chair" is an expression that means it's not over until it's over. All you need is a chip and a chair to win a tournament. With a little luck and maybe a little talent, anything is still possible to win the tournament. If the expression exists, it's because fairy tale stories have happened to some players who only had one chip!


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