Definition of chipleader

The chipleader is the player who is the chip leader in a tournament. The term chipleader is only applied to tournament poker and not to games of cash game. In a game of cash game, even if a player has 6 times the starting stack, he will not be referred to as the chip leader or the chipleader, but rather as a deep stack. The chipleader in tournament play is simply the player with the most chips.

The advantage of being a chipleader

Being chipleader obviously has the advantage that we have more chips than all the other players, which is good, but it also gives us a special aura. Players will often be afraid to play against us since we cover them all and we can eliminate everyone. Being chipleader allows us to play more hands more aggressively. In addition to being able to bluff at a higher frequency with a higher success percentage, players will also be less likely to bluff us. If you have 25,000 chips and a player with 2,000 chips bluffs you preflop by pushing all in, you might think that even if you lose the hand, it won't affect you too much and decide to call the bet. Bluffing a chipleader is riskier.


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