Definition of click back

The term click back is used for online poker only. Click back is the act of making the smallest possible raise, without touching the bet slider. As is the case with many poker games, there are many reasons for a click back. Click backs should also be interpreted in different ways, depending on the player you are playing against.

The symbolism of the click back

Generally, the click back will be a sign of strength. One might even add that clicking back often means the player is very strong. A player bets, you check-raise to three times his bet and your opponent re-raises, but this time he clicks back. As we said before, this is often a sign of strength. A small raise so that we have no choice but to call and continue in the hand. A way for him to tell us "I have a very strong hand, I have no choice but to raise to maximize my winnings, but I don't want you to fold, so I'll give you a friendly price". A player can also click back to intimidate another player. A click back on the flop may discourage a player from making an aggressive move on the turn, resulting in a low river.

Click back

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