Definition of Courchevel

Courchevel is a little known and not very common poker variant. It is a variant of Omaha in which you get 5 preflop starting cards instead of 4 as in the classic Omaha variant. The other difference with Omaha is that the first card on the flop is free, meaning that it is visible to all players after the blinds. We would then say that Courchevel has a flopet or nipple of one card turned up. As for the rest of the hand, it's just like in a classic Omaha game. The first card of the flop will be turned over before the betting begins.

Are you interested in Courchevel?

If you're a Hold'em or Omaha player and are looking for a new variant to take your mind off of things, this is probably not a variant we would suggest. First of all, it is quite confusing since it is unique and not very common. Also, the relative strength of the hands would have to be reviewed if you were a Hold'em player. In Hold'em, a hand like top pair is a relatively strong hand. In Courchevel, since everyone has 5 cards, the average hand strength is much higher. Do your homework before you jump in!