Definition of crai

crai means Check Raise All In. This is its abbreviation. Of course, you won't hear anyone in a casino say "the player was crai". Rather, it's a shortcut when writing a hand. For example: BTN bets 50, SB raises to 150 (crai). You know that BTN will have to call crai0 in total if he wants to continue in the hand.

Some other poker abbreviations

If you study poker hands a lot, you will see many of these abbreviations. The majority of the trackers are in English, so the abbreviations will always refer to English words. Here is a non-exhaustive list of these abbreviations: Continuation bet (cb), check/raise (c/r), check/fold (c/f), Under The Gun (UTG), Middle Position (MP), Hijack (HJ), Low Jack (LJ), Cutoff (CO), Bouton (BTN), Small Blind (SB), Big Blind (BB), Three Bet (3b), Four Bet (4b), Preflop Raise (PFR), Volontary Put Money Into Pot (VPIP), Donk bet (DB), Check/Raise (c/r ou x/r).


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