Definition of crush

crush means "to crush" in French. The expression is mostly used in two situations. First, it is used to say that one hand destroys another. If you are all in on the turn with 22 on 2-9-4-8 and your opponent has 99 in hand, you are "crush". Your equity is very low. A preflop hand like AA "crush" a hand like two and seven odd. Second, one can say of a person as crush a limit, i.e., he dominates everyone and consistently wins by crushing the competition.

What is an "crush" player?

To talk about an crush-player, it has to be long-term. You're not an crush gambler because you've had a good session. An crush-gamer will have fantastic results over a long period of time. A poker player's winnings are calculated with the BB/100 unit, which is the number of big blinds of his limit that he will win in every 100 hands. A player who wins a little will win 2BB/100. A player who does better than the average will win 4BB/100 and from 7 or 8 big blinds of his winnings per 100 hands, we will say that player crush is the limit!


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