Definition of cut-off

The cut-off or cutoff is the name of one of the cutoff positions on a poker table. The cutoff is between the hijack and the button. The cutoff is an excellent position because after the flop, if the button is not in the hand, it will be the last one to speak at every street. The cutoff also has the advantage of being less conspicuous than the button. For example, even novice players know that the button position will be very aggressive. Since it is in position on everyone, the button tends to steal a lot of 17s and bluff more often. On the other hand, the more attentive players may not be able to let themselves be fooled and counter-attack because they are against the button. But with the cutoff position, it's a little more under the radar.

The cutoff, a less prominent button

When you're on the cutoff, you're less suspicious than when you're on the seat of the button, allowing you to play the same role as the button when it's not in your hand without the aggressive "thief of 17" label that the button bears. The cutoff is one of the positions where we make the most money in poker. Therefore, it is necessary to open its range more than in other positions. Just being in position most of the time will make you make money.


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