Delayed cbet

Definition of delayed cbet

A delayed cbet is a delayed continuation bet. A player can cbet when he has the initiative. A cbet is when a player who has raised preflop puts the flop. If he then bets on the turn, he is said to have cbet the turn. But if a player who has the initiative checks the flop instead of betting and on the turn decides to bet, is it a continuation bet on the turn? No, because in order to talk about continuation betting on the turn, you have to have made a continuation bet on the flop. We will then talk about delayed cbet, delayed cbet.

The delayed cbet, when and why?

You can delayed cbet for a ton of reasons. One of them is that our hand is good, but not excellent and that our opponent is very aggressive. If you bet an average hand on the flop and you are playing against a player who likes to raise at a very high frequency, you may be embarrassed by his raise. In that case, you may prefer to do a delayed cbet. We can also do a delayed cbet when we have too strong a hand on a flop that doesn't give our opponent a chance. If you have AA in hand on AA2, betting on the flop is not the best option.

Delayed cbet


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