Definition of diamond

The diamond is one of the four suits used in a classic 52-card deck. Most of the time, it is red like the heart. For your convenience, some rooms with poker's online will offer you the possibility to use all four suits. You will then see the spade in black, the clover in green, the heart in red and the diamond in blue. This makes it easier to read the table when playing multiple tables.

The value of the colors

At poker, the colors have the same value at the base. Receiving preflop a hand as 7-8 of clubs has the same value as 7-8 of diamond. However, some games will separate the colors. This ranking can be used when you want to select the first person to be dealer in a friendly game. For example, you are ten players around a table and you want to know who will start as dealer. You then deal a random card to each player. Let's say that this time you have determined that the player who will receive the highest card will be dealer. In our example, two players receive an ace. To decide between them, we will use the color rankings. In this ranking system, the ace of spades will be the highest card of the 52 cards in the deck.



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