Door card

Definition of door card

The door card is a player's first open card at age stud. It is the term used by stud players to refer to a player's face-up card on 3. street (the first betting round). In an stud-card hand, players are dealt 3 cards. Two of these cards are face down and one of these cards is visible to all players at the table. This is very different from Hold'em, where the players' private cards are hidden.

Some stud-to-door card terms

This visible card gives other players an idea of the strength of a player's hand. Based on this information, they can evaluate their future actions. The visible card can be simply called the "door card" or the "door". Although "door" is translated as "door" in French, there is no real French equivalent that would be used regularly. In many parts of stud, even among Francophones, the door card is called the door card. The door card has another use; it will determine who will play first on the third street. The player with the lowest card plays first.


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