Double or Nothing

Definition of Double or Nothing

The expression could be translated as "Either you double or you have nothing". This is the philosophy of these sit'n'gos (since yes, this variant, often identified as DoN, is practiced almost exclusively in sit'n'go). The principle is simple. It is a sit'n'go that will often have 10 players. There will be sit'n'gos as much at 1 euro as at 1000 euros. Once the sit'n'go is launched, we will play until there are only 5 players left, that is to say half of the entries. All eliminated players will win nothing and the 5 remaining players will double their investment.

The sit'n'gos strategy Double or Nothing

Unlike other types of tournaments or sit'n'gos that have a logic of accumulation, Double or Nothing sit'n'gos will have a logic of chip preservation, which will cause you to play conservatively. The majority of players in these games are very tight (which could be a counter-argument to encourage you to play aggressively). You'll never hit the big jackpot quickly in these sit'n'gos, but for beginners who would like to learn the basics of poker, this could be a good school for them.


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