Definition of draw

A draw is an incomplete hand that can improve. For example, if you have 7-8 in your hand on 5-6-x, you have a straight draw, meaning you are one card away from making a straight. There are many draws. You can have a flush draw if you have, for example, 5-9 of spades on 2-2-3 with two spades. You can have a gutshot draw with 7-8 on 5-9-2 for example. The gutshot draw is a draw that is not open. 7-8 on 5-6 is open because the 9 or 5 will give the straight. The gutshot pattern shown here can only be helped by a 6.

Play your draws aggressively

When you have a draw, you'll need to play it aggressively to make it profitable. If you have a draw with say 7-8 on 5-6-2, rather than just calling your opponent's bet, why not check-raise or raise instead? That way, if you hit your card, you'll win a bigger pot and be a tougher opponent to play against. Plus, you'll encourage your opponent to fold to win an uncontested pot.


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