Definition of drawy

A draw is a print. Drawy means a painting that offers a multitude of prints. We distinguish between "dry" boards and "wet" or "drawy" boards (with multiple draws). For example, a board with an 8 of hearts, a 7 of hearts, a Jack of clubs and a Queen of clubs is a drawy board. Here, not only can our opponent have a ready-made hand such as a sequence, two pair, three of a kind, but also, a strong or very strong draw. On this particular board, there are many straight draws (5-6, 5-9, AK, KT) but also two possible color draws.

How to play a drawy board

On a drawy board, generally, even with a very strong hand, we will play the hand quickly, that is, we will bet and if our opponent has bet before us, we will raise. On a drawy board, our opponent will have much more reason to stay in the hand. The majority of his range will be draws and we will want to make him pay. Keep in mind that some big draws will dominate top pairs, so don't overestimate your hand, even if you are convinced that your opponent has a lot of draws.


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