Definition of EV0

EV0 or EV Neutral is, in poker, a game that, in the long run, will neither win nor lose money. The classic example of the EV0 game is the coin toss. Let's say we bet 10 euros per round you and I. Then we toss a coin. Every time it's a coin toss, I get 10 euros. Every time it's heads, I owe you 10 euros. In the long run, our win expectation is 0 since our equity will always be 50%.

Games EV0, difficult to identify in poker

As far as the coin toss is concerned, it is very clear and obvious that EV is neutral in this game. But in poker, these types of games are more difficult to identify. Anyone can easily identify an EV+ game, an EV- game, but few will be able to name EV0 games, and some river bluffs are EV0. Whether you bluff or not on the river, sometimes it doesn't matter. But we can still consider this. If a situation is EV0 and we have two options (to bluff or not to bluff), if we always choose the aggressive option, our image at the table will be different than if we always choose the passive option. This is a detail to consider.


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