Fancy play (syndrom)

Definition of fancy play syndrom

We also talk about SPF to abbreviate this syndrome. What is meant by "fancy play syndrom" is playing in an unnecessarily distinguished manner. Sometimes the best way to play your hand is in a classical way. You have a big hand and there's a draw, you betz hoping to be called by a worse hand; bet, bet, bet. A player with FPS could, for example, bet 1 big blind, plus raise an unconventional amount or checker flop + turn for overbet the river. There are many examples. The FPS is the opposite of a solid classic ABC poker hand.

The fancy play syndrom Problem

Often, playing "fancy" will cause you to lose money because your opponent suspects something. We talk about FPS especially when we have a good hand. Some players will pass the flop and turn with a very strong hand instead of betr. What this will result in is that a place to get paid when their opponent has a good hand, they will only give free cards to their opponent. Avoid fancy play syndrom, especially if you are a beginner. Go with good old solid ABC poker.


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