Fit or fold

Definition of fit or fold

By fit or fold, we mean the style of play of a player in flop. We will talk about a fit or fold player. A player who would play fit or fold is a player who, if he does not hit flop, will fold. If he hits, he continues. In poker, most of the time, we don't make a good hand at flop. Especially when you play one-on-one, you have to be combative, make floatss, check-raisess, bluffs, in short, be creative. A "fit or fold" player is a passive player who will be easily exploited. You don't want to be that player.

Identify the fit or fold players

If you suspect a gambler of being a "fit or fold" type, take notes on him or her and exploit this tendency. Against such a player, don't hesitate to bet on all flops, even if you haven't hit. A small bet will often do the trick. And if you have resistance from a player who is fit or fold, you know that unless you have a very big hand, you can fold without fear of making a bad fold. Players who are fit or fold are often beginners or losers.


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