Definition of flopper

When we talk about "flopper" we mean that our private cards (the 2 to Hold’em or the 4 to Omaha) have connected (or not) with the first 3 common cards that we call the flop. If we have 56 in spades on AKJ in the middle, we will say that we didn't flop anything. If you still have 56 in spades and flop is 782, we will say that we have flop drawn a straight. If the flop comes 4-2-A all in spades, we will say that we flopped a color. flopper refers to the relationship between our private cards and the common cards of flop.

How often do you flop?

A good exercise is to calculate your probabilities of flopper for this or that type of hand. For example, you have matching connectors; how often will you hit a straight draw? How often will you hit a flush draw? How often will you hit two pairs? How often do you flop a three of a kind? You can use software like Flozilla to give you these results. With a hand like AK (or any hand that doesn't make a pair), you'll only hit a pair on flop only one time out of three, did you know that?


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