Definition of color

By suit, we do not mean red and black, the two suits of the playing cards, but the 4 families of cards (spades, clubs, diamonds, hearts). In traditional card games, spades and clubs will be black while hearts and diamonds will be red, but in some online poker rooms, spades will be black, clubs green, hearts red and diamonds blue, making it easier to read the tables when playing many tables.

Other meaning of the color

We will also use the expression "suit" to talk about what we call a flush in English, i.e. 5 cards of the same "suit". It is important to understand that once again we are talking about suit families and not red and black. Any five cards in spades will make a flush. The flush will beat the straight but will be beaten by the full hand. When two players have a flush, the player with the highest card wins the pot. For example, if the board is 5-7-9-2-3 and there are 3 spades, the player with A8 in spades will win the pot over a player with KQ in spades.


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