Definition of fold equity

Fold equity is an estimate of how often an opponent might fold. Before you bluff, you ask yourself, "Do I have fold equity? In other words, you ask yourself if your opponent will fold at a percentage that will justify your bluff. There is no magic formula for getting a player's fold equity in a particular spot, but a few observations can help.

Do I have folding equity?

Before bluffing, you will obviously want to know if you have fold equity, in other words, you will want to know if your opponent can fold at a reasonable rate. Before bluffing, you'll want to look at several things. For example, do you have any blockers to your bluff? If you want to show a flush on the river, but don't have the flush, having at least one card of that flush may increase the success of your bluff, especially if it's the ace. Next, what type of player are you bluffing? If you're bluffing a very conservative player who almost never makes the river, he's probably not the right candidate. Choose a player who calls too often on the flop and river, but is fairly conservative on the river. Also make sure you have a good image of a player who bluffs little.

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