Definition of lying down

Folding in poker means giving up your hand. English speakers use the term "fold" (fold). To fold means to put your hand in the muck and give up the pot. You can fold at any stage of a hand; preflop, at the flop, at the turn or on the river. Folding down automatically gives the jackpot to your opponent (when playing 2). If there is more than one player left in the game after you fold, the game will continue between those players.

The two ways to win an pot

In poker, we win the main prize pool in two ways: by being the only player not to be folded or by showing the best hand at the slaughter. Folding in poker may seem trivial, but it's a game that needs to be studied; when should we fold and when should we call? One euro saved is one euro won. On the other hand, too much lying down makes us exploitable. We must therefore find the right balance between lying down reasonably when we are beaten and not lying down too much so as not to become the number one target of all bluffers.


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