For info

Definition of for info

A "for info" bet is a bet to get information about a player's hand. In poker, you can bluff because your hand is weak, but you think you're going to fold your opponent. You can bet because you have the best hand often and your opponent might call with worse, but you can also bet to "sit". You bet an average hand to see what your opponent is doing. If he raises, we fold, if he folds, we win pot. Betting without really knowing if you are in value with a good hand or bluffing is called a "for info".

The "for info" bet, to be made in moderation

The bet for information is certainly a bet to be made in moderation. Most of the time, if you are against a good player, it will put you in a difficult situation and the bet "for info" will only make you lose money. Also, betting without knowing whether you are bluffing or value, make the size of the pot for nothing. And if your opponent raises you with a draw, you will have to fold an average hand that you could have brought to the slaughter.


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