Definition of freezeout

When we talk about "freezeout", we are talking about a freezeout tournament. A freezeout tournament is one in which you cannot rebuy or add chips. In a rebuy tournament, you may be able to buy in during the first hour or two, depending on the structure, but in a freezeout tournament, you pay your entry fee and when you run out of chips, you are out.

Freezeout tournaments vs. rebuy tournaments

Freezeout tournaments are played with a different mentality than rebuy tournaments. First, in freezeout tournaments, the cost of our buy-ins may be higher than when we play a rebuy tournament. If we play a rebuy tournament and usually make 1 or 2 rebuys, it will lead to a higher total than if the tournament was freezeout. So a player playing in a €10 rebuy tournament, for example, can play in a €20 or €30 freezeout tournament. Secondly, some players will take a very aggressive approach to rebuy tournaments. Some players will take much more risk with a logic of accumulating chips. In freezeout, you will have to be more conservative since you cannot rebuy. Generally speaking, it is also easier to bluff in feezeout tournaments, as players are more conservative.

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