Definition of Full Ring

A full ring table is a poker table with 9 or 10 players. There are head-to-head tables with 2 players, shorthanded (SH) tables with 4-5 or 6 players, and full ring (FR) tables, which generally have 9 players (between 8 and 10, depending on the cardroom). Shorthanded tables are generally contrasted with full ring tables. Each table will have its own style of play. In general, tournaments are more popular at full ring tables, while cash games are more popular at shorthanded tables.

Are you more shorthanded or full-ring?

Each table is different. At SH tables, there's more action, players are more aggressive, blinds come back more often and there's more variance. In the full ring, the blinds come back less often, players are more conservative and the hand that wins the jackpot will always be a little stronger than in SH. There's probably less bluffing in full ring than in SH. Variance is also a little lower in full ring. On the other hand, the profit per hour is greater on a SH table, since you'll be playing more hands per hour.